The Neuroreader® Report

The Neuroreader® Report is a customized and automated volumetric report, which can be used to guide clinical decision-making. The Neuroreader® Report features the volume of 45 brain structures along with color coded overlay images that are valuable for quality assurance, to ensure you are reporting the most accurate results for your patients.

Objective evaluation of MRI findings

  • What is unique about the Neuroreader® Report is that you get all in one report – you’ll get the complete overview of the most important brain structures
  • Neuroreader® eliminates reader subjectivity and gives an answer to the exact degree of atrophy

7 Facts about Neuroreader®

  • Visualizes and quantifies 45 brain structures from Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI)
  • Computes structures of the entire brain in less than 10 minutes
  • Objectively analyzes by comparing volumes against a diversified normative database
  • Measures and identifies atrophies of 45 brain structures like the hippocampus, lateral ventricles and brain lobes
  • Baseline and follow-up reports can be plotted over time to detect trends with longitudinal studies
  • Minimizes misdiagnosis and healthcare costs
  • Reliable and actionable measurements to aid diagnosis and define treatment plans



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Neuroreader report

The Neuroreader® Report includes:

  • Patient information
  • Analysis results containing three parts:
    • The measured total intracranial volume (mTIV)
    • Left-right asymmetry index for the hippocampus
    • Brain volume assessment of 45 brain structures
  • Summary of all the structures showing abnormal volumes
  • Quality Assessment Overlay Images of the segmented brains
  • Brain Heat Maps that visualizes the percentile of the brain
  • Charts which shows the volume of different structures
  • Longitudinal Charts which displays the longitudinal progression of the percentile of different structures

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