Research study validates Neuroreader® for accurate and fast measurement of brain volumes

Neuroreader® is as a cutting-edge assessment tool that provides qualified physicians and trained practitioners with accurate brain volumetric data.

This ground-breaking software-based tool is FDA cleared and CE marked and designed to help detect neurodegenerative diseases.

By using Neuroreader® as part of your routine MRI you can identify abnormal brain patterns in a fraction of the time needed for manual segmentation – the current “gold standard” of neurodegenerative disease detection.

This means faster and easier early diagnosis of otherwise overlooked neurodegenerative diseases and greater quality of life for patients.

Neuroreader® quantifies the volume of 45 brain structures in as little as 10 minutes.

Manual segmentation can take from 30 minutes up to 2 hours for an expert physician.

By comparing the brain structures to a normative database with healthy individuals, Neuroreader® provides an estimation of the normal volume for a person with similar demographics. The FDA cleared normative dataset makes comparison on three parameters: Age, gender, and head size.

Easily incorporated into Workflow

    • Neuroreader® is easy to add to any routine MRI and to any existing workflow
    • Neuroreader® integrates easily with your PACS system
    • Neuroreader® is also available as a browser-based system

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