Neuroreader® by Brainreader is an MRI post-processing software that effectively and accurately guides clinicians with clinical decision-making and patient treatment plans.

Providing an accurate and quantifiable insight to the brain.

mri volumetric analysis software for imaging a patients’ brain - play video

Early detection is key

Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases is often the first step in improving quality of life for patients.

Our flagship product, Neuroreader®, is a ground-breaking, FDA-cleared, and CE-marked medical device that uses MRI scans to detect anomalous brain patterns in a fraction of time needed for manual segmentation — one of the current “gold standards” of neurodegenerative disease detection.

Using Neuroreader® as part of a routine MRI of the brain may result in faster and easier early assessment of otherwise overlooked neurodegenerative diseases and at the end greater quality of life for patients and their families.

Start automating the analysis of brain structures with our cutting edge software Neuroreader®.

Neuroreader® – MRI volumetric analysis Software

Is reliable, actionable and timesaving
In as little as 10 minutes 45 of the most important brain structures are quantified.
The accurate data Neuroreader® provides can benefit the optimization of treatment.

Adds value 

Quantitative volumetric imaging adds substantial diagnostic value to neuroimaging by providing objective evaluation of the MRI findings.

Incorporates easily into workflow
Neuroreader® is easy to add on to any routine MRI of the brain and to any existing workflow.