Frequently Asked Questions

Neuroreader® analyses MRI brain scans, compares the measured volumes with an age and gender matched population and provides a statistical variation analysis. This objective and easy to use analysis enables the physicians to set an informed and more confident diagnosis sooner

Neuroreader® is very intuitive and easy to use. It can analyze many cases as a bundle. It can analyze both DICOM and NIFTY MRIs. Neuroreader®’s results include the segmented structures (masks) in either DICOM or NIFTY format. Those masks can then be overlayed to any functional or PET data for furthur analysis. The volumes and statistics of several cases can be saved in one csv file which eases any statistical analysis.

Yes, Neuroreader® is CE-marked Class I medical device.

Yes, Neuroreader® is FDA 510(k) cleared – K140828 for the segmentation, the statistical method and the comparison with the normative database. All the results present on both the Neuroreader reportand the cvs file can be used clinically.

Yes, in the US, clinical sites can use the existing CPT code: 3D volumetric image post-processing (76377). This rate is dependent on location. This rate may vary from city to city.

Pay-per-use, subscription or an individually fitted solution. Please contact us for a specific quote or for additional information.

Neuroreader® integrates directly to the PACS, where patient reports and segmented structures are stored in connection with other patient files. This ensures a precise and smooth alignment with the clinical workflow.

The analysis time for the complete segmentation and generation of a patient report is around 10 min.

Neuroreader® analyses two types of image formats: DICOM and NIFTI format.

Compatible with all major vendors of 1.5T and 3T scanners from GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba etc.

Compatible with all major vendors of 1.5T and 3T scanners from GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba etc.

We only charge successfully performed analyses.

The images are only stored for a few days on our servers. However, the data is never backed up and is deleted few days after the analysis is performed

Neuroreader® is compatable with Linux, IOS and Microsoft platforms.

Hardware Physical or virtual machine. 64 bit architecture. 4 GB RAM 500 GB harddisk

Software Operation systems: Windows server 2012 (64 bit) or Linux Ubuntu

Neuroreader® checks out the specification of the data set so that it fulfils our requirements for a successful analysis. If the input data does not live up to the requirements, a pop up window displays a message explaining what the issue is and which consequence it may have on the analysis.

If there is an error of upload, the user is notified with a pop up window message.