The Patient Journey

Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases is beneficial to both clinicians and patients.

Early diagnosis allows the clinician to educate the patient of the different treatment options available to them. The patient will at at early stage get an understanding of what is happening, and therefore, be able to evaluate his/her options and plan for their future.



How a patient journey could look like

  1. Using Neuroreader® as a part of your clinical practice is easy, when treating a patient with signs of neurodegenerative diseases
  2. A 3D T1 MRI sequence without contrast is performed by a technologist
  3. The MRI center simply uploads an MRI sequence to the Brainreader server
  4. The Neuroreader® software then analyzes the MR scan
  5. Once the analysis is complete, a unique report is generated, which gives radiologists and referring physicians more visual and quantitative data to supplement the MRI interpretation

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