New investments bring a major lift to rising medtech company Brainreader ApS

Press release

Investo Capital and Bevica Innovation A/S is investing in the Danish medtech company Brainreader ApS. The investments will boost the commercialization and development of the software Neuroreader®, which detects neurodegenerative diseases and makes sure patients get fast and accurate diagnosis.

With new investments the Danish medtech company Brainreader ApS is able to expand further into the US market, which is where the company has its primary focus. Brainreader’s medical software Neuroreader® is already being used in both University Hospitals and imaging centers across the US. With the investments from Investo Capital and Bevica Innovation, Brainreader is strengthening its geographic presence, says CEO Lisbeth Møller Christensen:

– Plans are to open an office in the US, increasing our local footprint. We want to make sure to capture science and feedback from the market while providing quality service to our customers who in return can provide improved patient care. Working locally enables us to be fast and responsive while expanding partnerships.

Brainreader’s medical software Neuroreader is an assessment tool developed to detect deviations in the brain related to neurodegenerative diseases. By analyzing MRI brain scans Neuroreader compares 45 measured volumes in the brain with a normative group of healthy peers. With the results Neuroreader generates a report on the deviations – a very accurate and thorough guide for the radiologists to scrutinize for a various number of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and traumatic brain injuries.

– Neuroreader has the potential to change the way diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of people with brain disorders are handled today. Introducing Neuroreader to clinicians and radiologists worldwide will help improve the lives of millions of patients with brain disorders by helping the staff discovering otherwise overlooked diseases and ensuring patients a quick and correct medical treatment, says Lisbeth Møller Christensen.

– Customer feedback has been fantastic due to the fact that our Neuroreader report shows details of the brain structures that was not technically available before. Clinicians are increasingly becoming aware of how the factual data from our Neuroreader report can help assist in understanding the full picture, resulting in improved brain health diagnosis. We believe that this is just the beginning of what can be achieved as we continue to develop our software capabilities based on feedback from our users, says Jamila Ahdidan PhD, CSO and founder of Brainreader.

– During the recent years, a growing number of clinicians and radiologists have adopted the platform from Brainreader to rapidly access deep and enriched data to support identification and diagnosis. We look forward to being part of further enhancing the technology as well the continued deployment in North America and internationally, says Thor Birkmand, Partner at Investo Capital

In addition to Investo Capital and Bevica Innovation, Brainreader also received capital from two private investors.

“Neuroreader gives us easy, reliable, reproducible volume measurements and takes the guesswork out of analyzing structures in our patients’ brains”

– Professor Barton Branstetter, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

For further information, please contact:

CEO Mads Fiig: +45 30 62 99 07


Neuroreader® is Brainreader’s medical software to help assess brain diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy or chronic concussion.

Based on an analysis of MRI brain scans Neuroreader compares 45 measured volumes in the patient’s brain with an age and gender matched normative group of healthy peers. Neuroreader then generates a patient report that works as a map of deviations for the radiologist to scrutinize.

Neuroreader is CE marked and FDA-cleared and integrates directly to the PACS.

Brainreader ApS, established in 2011, is a Danish company experienced in medical software development. Brainreader aims to provide a quantifiable and accurate insight into the brain. By increasing the use of medical image processing software, Brainreader are providing healthcare professionals around the world with an access to structural MRI’s in a faster, more specific and more objective way.

Investo Capital. In 2018, HEARTLAND A/S and NOVI Innovation A/S joined forces to establish Investo Capital, a new seed and early-stage fund. The team in Investo Capital has for more than two decades been actively involved in Nordic venture and private equity, actively helping entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into transformative businesses. Investo Capital, which has its head offices in Aalborg, invests in Danish growth companies with competitive technologies and international potential.

Bevica Innovation A/S, founded in 2005, is owned by The Bevica Foundation. The purpose of the company is to invest in research projects that supports the purpose of The Bevica Foundation: To strengthen the independent life for people with mobility impairment.