Introducing Neuroreader® 2.7.0

NR 2.7.0 contains an improved standard report with more features and will be an invaluable support tool for clinicians in their decision-making.

Enjoy all the benefits of the previous Neuroreader® Report, you will just get even more with the new version.

6 benefits of NR 2.7.0

Visualizes and quantifies atrophies of 64 brain volumes from Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) – gray and white matter have been added

13 asymmetry structures

Improved heat maps, a visualization tool that adds value to the interpretation

2 disease specific reports

Integration to multiple AI platforms

Customizable lay-out and content

The new features explained

With NR 2.7.0 you can design the Neuroreader® report to be as specific and detailed to your needs. This means that you can tailor the different parts in the order that suit you best and include only those structures, volumes and charts that you need for your patients.

You can also choose to display as many volumes as wanted in both the original and longitudinal charts.

The heat maps have been improved to show the percentile values of just the particular area/s of concern as a visual aid for clinicians and to show their patients.

Furthermore, you can now get two disease specific reports, one with a detailed asymmetry index and another Neurodegenerative Report.

Early detection is key

Neuroreader® has been developed to detect brain structural changes in different neurodegenerative diseases by providing objective and quantitative evidence to minimize misdiagnosis and healthcare costs.

Our current customers are also using Neuroreader® to differentiate the different kind of dementia to give as accurate a diagnosis as possible.

With Neuroreader® automated quantification software, you can even detect neurocognitive diseases at an early stage, which means faster treatment.

With the longitudinal time points, it is possible to detect the progression and trend of the disease.

Neuroreader® is easy to use, saves you time and integrates easily into any MRI routine and clinical setting.

What our customers say:

Neuroreader 2.7.0

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