Neuroreader™ is an assessment tool for healthcare professionals.

Neuroreader™ processes the MRI scans in around 10 minutes and provides a self-explanatory patient report with total brain volume, hippocampal volume and volumetric data on key segments of the brain measured against a healthy database.

Neuroreader™ is accurate, fast and easy-to-use, giving you the opportunity to have an answer in just one click.


Features and Benefits of Neuroreader™

*Media source The Doctors Channel

  • Automated generation of patient report in around 10 minutes

  • Robust and objective analyses using a diversified normative dataset

  • Perfect fit into clinical workflows with full PACS integration

  • Ideal for both clinical and research use

  • Reimbursement code in the U.S.

  • Only FDA-cleared normative dataset in the world

Words from our users

  • “Recent publications have offered some of the first evidence for functional, sustained improvement in neurodegenerative conditions, and the ability to quantitate multiple brain region volumes reproducibly and longitudinally will be critical as therapeutic programs are being refined.  Neuroreader is perfectly suited for this.”
    Dale E. Bredesen
    MD, Augustus Rose Professor of Neurology at UCLA
  • “Measuring the size of the hippocampus is the single most important factor in determining a person’s prognosis for having strong memory performance in the future. That’s where the Neuroreader comes in. It’s a major breakthrough in establishing an accurate measurement of this part of the brain. ”
    Majid Fotuhi
    MD, PhD, chairman McLean, Va., and Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore
  • “Neuroreader has definitely changed my role in the evaluation of patients with neurodegenerative diseases – not in a few days’ time but from the moment the patient leaves the magnet.”
    Torsten Straube
    MD, Radiology and Neuroradiology specialist, MRI Zürich
  • “People at risk for Alzheimer’s dementia need to know their hippocampal volumes as an important number – just as someone at risk for a heart attack would need to know their cholesterol count.”
    John L. Ulmer
    MD, Director of Neuroradiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • “Even the best radiologist cannot precisely determine the volume of every structure in the brain without hours of intensive manual calculations. Neuroreader gives us easy, reliable, reproducible volume measurements, and takes the guesswork out of analyzing structures in our patients’ brains.”
    Barton Branstetter
    MD - Professor, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center