Quick Guide

Overview of the functions in the navigation panel 


  • Login using email address and password.

Choose group

  • Choose the group to work from the list (only if user has access to more than one group).

Select pictures to analyze

  • Click on select image and in the explorer, choose the images to upload. Click “open” and you will see a list of all the images you want to upload.

Upload the selected pictures

  • Click on “upload images”.

Age and gender is automatically retrieved from the image header.

  • Please make sure that the information is correct otherwise; please correct it for each uploaded picture.

You can check the quality of the images by clicking the view button.

Enter the Clinical Image ID corresponding to the ID of the image in your system.

This Clinical Image ID can be

  • the first letter of the patient’s first name + the first letter of the patient’s last name + the patient’s age + the patient’s gender in one letter (“m” for man, “w” for woman).
  • If you want to keep the data anonymous, please never enter the full name of the patient in this field.
  • Click “Enter” to save the info you have just entered, in order to proceed with running the analysis.

Run the analysis for each selected picture

  • Select the images to analyze and click on “Analyze selected”.

Download the NeuroreaderTM report 

  • Select the images that are analyzed, choose the patient report format and click on “download results”